These $10 Waffle Irons Make Snowflake & Gingerbread Shapes!

Remember back during Halloween time I told you guys about mini waffle irons that made pumpkin and skull shapes?

Well, they're back and even more festive for Christmas!

The brand Dash is selling two different irons that make snowflake and gingerbread person shapes for the holidays.

These festive waffles would make the perfect breakfast spread for Christmas morning!

The Dash Snowflake Mini Waffle Maker comes in a light blue color and makes a classic snowflake shape with a smooth background.

The Dash Gingerbread Mini Waffle Maker comes in red. It makes a typical waffle-shaped background, and a cute gingerbread person with a smile, bowtie, and buttons. How adorable?!

Both of the waffle makers have a nonstick cooking surface and can heat up quickly. You can find them Target for just $10 each!

Whether you buy it for yourself or a friend, it's the perfect gift!