The Relationship Term To Get You Through 2021

So, you've survived 2020 as a couple, but what's next?

Financial and emotional stress, distanced learning, sheltering in place, and risky essential work is no small feat. Now, how do you make your marriage even stronger in 2021?

Licensed clinical therapist, Jordan Green, shared one word she has on her mind for the new year: interdependence. Here’s why it's a key one for this new year.

A lot of couples who have been quarantined with their significant other are struggling to find independence, while at the same time long-distance couples are struggling to feel close.

Green's advice is to “Find a balance of interdependence in your relationship.”

Here's how Green defines “interdependence”:

“In relationships, there is ME, YOU, and US. In healthy relationships, there is a balance between all of those parts,” this allows you to express love without sacrificing yourself or being dependent on it for your self-worth.

It's important to have some hobbies you share, while also exploring your own passions.