Did You Know There Are Seven Different Types?

A lot of times, several of us feel that we're not getting enough sleep.

But did you know there's actually seven different types of rest we need?!

You might not be getting enough of just one kind.

Here are all seven, and what they mean:

1. Physical rest, either passive or active. Passive includes sleeping or napping. Active is like getting a massage, doing yoga, meditating, etc.

2. Mental rest. It's important to let your brain take a break too, especially if you work long hours! Taking a mini break every 20 minutes can be super helpful.

3. Sensory rest. We're constantly looking at screens. Whether it's a phone, laptop, tablet, TV, etc. The most important break to take are after dinner and before bed.

4. Creative rest. It's kind of like mental rest, but more focused on taking a break from problem-solving and brainstorming.

5. Emotional rest. Set yourself apart from things that make you feel emotionally overwhelmed. This could include friends and family.

6. Social rest. 2020 has pretty much already handled that for us, but it also means spending less time on the negative people in your life and more on the positive ones.

7. Spiritual rest. Find a way to feel a larger sense of belonging, love, acceptance, and purpose.

Watch the video below for more info!