Starbucks's Has A Strawberry Love Bug Frappuccino

Chocolate covered strawberries seem like a must have for Valentine's Day, but making them can be quite the mess.

Starbucks is making it a whole lot easier this year with their Love Bug Frappuccino! Well, we really have the geniuses over at to thank for the secret menu recipe.

Here's how to order the most romantic drink you'll ever have:

  • Start by ordering a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino
  • Ask for one pump of raspberry syrup and one scoop of java chips
  • Lastly, ask for whipped cream topped with mocha drizzle and cookie crumbles

That's it! This might be one of the easiest secret menu items ever to order.

Check out a photo of it below and a TikTok video on how it's made!