Nestlé Is Working On Creating Vegan KitKat Bars

Break me off a piece of that VEGAN KitKat bar!

Yup, you read that right.

Nestlé is working on a vegan milk chocolate formula to use in their candy products that uses a rice base as a milk substitute.

Head of Nestle’s confectionery business, Alexander von Maillot, shared that the rice formula has taken about two years to develop! One of the biggest challenges with creating plant-based milk alternatives to be used with chocolate is that they have to blend well with both cocoa and sugar to achieve the creamy texture that all chocolate fanatics know and love.

Once completed, that unique rice formula will make vegan KitKat bars possible! They'll start off launching overseas first with a limited release in the United Kingdom at select retail stores and online.

Take a look below!

Will you try a vegan KitKat bar?