Toddler Accidentally Dials 911 & Leads To Life Saving Response!

photocredit: gettyimages

This toddler who accidentally dialed 9-1-1 ending up saving his father's life! The accidental call led to one man's life being saved in Florida.

According to Deputy Nathan Kent, he said that the 9-1-1 hang up calls are very common, he stated that they get quite a few due to people having disabled cell phones and parents allowing their kids to play with them. In this instance, it ended up saving a life! When Deputy Kent received the service call, he noticed that the toddler was walking around in the parking lot with no clothing on in the apartment complex without supervision. Kent yelled out but then heard nothing back. When he decided to check out the apartment, he saw a gentleman laying on the floor unconscious.

Deputy Kent ended up saving the man's life from the child's photo call! Even though it happened to be a coincidence.

Kent said the most important thing to teach your kids is "My biggest thing is teaching your kids what to do in times like this, saying ‘Hey if something happens, go to a neighbor, get my phone, call somebody, try to have some kind of setup just like a fire drill.”

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