Covid Has Led Us Yet To Another Shortage..... Ketchup!!

photocredit: gettyimages

Well this one hit me hard!!

Yesterday I shared with you my love for sauces, all different kinds of sauces! Barbecue....marinara....siracha, and the king of them all......Ketchup!! What would a hot salty fry be without a dollop of this delectable tangy sauce? How would we enjoy the flakey crunch of an onion ring without rolling it in the perfect combination of sweet and salty? Well my friend, I have to tell you I would rather leave it on the plate.... then pass my taste buds without the perfect sauce..... Ketchup! But we may have to do without because Covid has led us yet to another shortage..... Ketchup!!! Because so many restaurants are now doing more to go orders...they are going through lots of Ketchup Packets! Prices have gone up 13 % in just 14 months.... so Ketchup has turn from red to Liquid Gold!

Folks at home are buying more bottles of Ketchup too. I guess I’m not the only one who loves ketchup on everything. Sales were up 15% in 2020 with more than 1 billion dollars in Ketchup bottles sold!

So Laugh if you will at the person who puts ketchup on their eggs......turns out they have very expensive taste!!! LOL

Will you be stocking your shelves with Ketchup now?