Disney Is Selling A $100 Sandwich That People Say They Can Make At Home

Hot Pastrami Sandwich

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The new $99.99 “Family-sized Pym-ini Sandwich” just premiered at the Pym Test Kitchen at Disney California Adventure, it's being said to be one of the most expensive sandwiches in the world! People are so confused as to why this sandwich is so expensive, especially since it looks like a sandwich they can make on their own at home.

Mom, chef, author and actress My Nyugen (@myhealthydish) was given an exclusive first look at the pricey new sandwich and TikTokers were shocked!

The guests can order this $99.99 “Family-sized Pym-ini Sandwich,” which was originally named the “Quantum-sized Pym-ini.” 

The menu specifies that the sandwich serves six to eight guests, so if you think about it, that actually comes out to around $12.50 to $16.50 per person. 

Taking into account the other sandwiches featured on the Pym Test Kitchen’s menu — the cheapest being $12.99 and the most expensive being $15.49 — the “Family-sized Pym-ini Sandwich” seems comparably priced.

The “Family-sized Pym-ini Sandwich” features “Salami, Rosemary Ham, Provolone, and Sun-Dried Tomato Spread on Toasted Focaccia with Marinara dipping sauce, Potato Bites, and Arugula Salad.”

Still, a lot of TikTokers don't feel the ingredients are worth spending $100 on.

“It doesn’t look that great, sorry. Salami and ham for $100?” one user commented.

“I’m missing the ingredients that justify $100…” another user wrote.

“Needs some gold to make it more expensive for no reason,”commented another user.

“There needs to be saffron, caviar, or black truffle on it,”commented another.

But some TikTokers didn’t see a problem with the $100 price tag.

“Considering how expensive theme park food is, if the sandwich can serve 5 people, it’s a pretty normal price,” one user commented.

“I have a family of five, and we usually pay more when we go out to eat, so $100 is not bad. It looks like I can feed my entire family and have leftovers,” another user wrote.

Make sure if you do decided to try out this mouth watering sandwich, you do it with a group of at least 5 people.

SOURCE: Yahoo News/ITK