A Woman Spent Her Birthday Alone Until Strangers Stepped In

Mature Woman Smiling While Looking At Birthday Cake

Photo: Getty Images

Birthday's are suppose to be a fun filled time spent with friends and family but for one lady it was spent alone in a restaurant.

A lady was caught on camera sitting at a restaurant alone, with nothing but a cake with one candle accompanying her.

The lady was seen talking on the phone, hung up then bowed her head and put her hands together as if to pray. She then lifted her head, lit her candle and bowed her head again and started clapping as if to make the best out of her situation.

When the woman looked up she found a waitress and customers all standing around her clapping and singing along with her, which then a smile to her face and tears to her eyes.

The video was later posted on Twitter and social media users went crazy and praised the strangers, one person described the customers actions as ‘Beautiful acts of kindness and caring.’

The video has gained more than two million views from people who just can't get over this feel good video.


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