Man Saves Friend He Made On Facebook With His Tractor During Ida Flooding

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Maine, MA. resident, Richard Peek was on his way to Georgia, but decided to make a pit stop in New Jersey to meet a friend he met online for the first time face-to-face. Peek had also custom made a banjo for his internet friend, Wesley Pandy, and wanted to hand it to him personally. Unfortunately, things went south quickly when Peek suddenly got caught in Ida's floodwaters in Hunterdon County.

Peek knew he was near Pandy so he gave him a call asking him if he could help him out. Pandy told him he would be right there and to look out for a big green tractor. As Peek sat waiting for his friend the water grew to dangerous levels, Peek did what any person would do in a time of panic, he decided to live stream the event on YouTube! He was showing his followers the scary scene but stay calm knowing that his wife was watching the scary situation.

"He says if I have to I'll bring a big tractor and pull up next to you," Peek said.
"It's going to be up to the lord to get this water down, because there's nothing anyone could do to get me out of here," he said on the live stream.
"I didn't want to upset my wife," Peek said. "I didn't want her to see me terrorized, or in terror. Or in horror, or you know in fear. "
"If this gets much deeper I'm going to have to get out and get on top of the truck," Peek said. "I feel water on my seat. That's not a good sign."
"It's good to have friends in high places, let me tell ya," he said.

Regardless of the risks, Pandy said he didn't think twice about rescuing his friend and he'd do it again if he had to.

"I still don't feel like a hero," Pandy said. "To be all honest with you if I got a phone call from someone I never even knew or met, and they just punched in my number randomly. It wouldn't have mattered. I would have done the same thing."

Peek's truck can no longer run, but the banjo, the reason for the trip, was perfectly fine.

Peek is back home and says he owes Pandy his life.

"He wants to pay me for saving his life," Pandy said. "I was like Richard you don't have to give me anything. You made me a banjo. That's priceless."


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