This Fall Disney Will Be Selling Six limited-Edition Villain Dolls

Halloween Time At The Disneyland Resort

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Out with the Disney Princess and IN with the Disney Villains...well, at least for this fall that is. The Disney Store will be highlighting some of its biggest villains and people couldn't be more excited about it.

They are releasing six brand new limited-edition dolls to go along with its ongoing Midnight Masquerade series. The series will included Maleficent ("Sleeping Beauty"), Lady Tremaine ("Cinderella"), Ursula ("The Little Mermaid"), Yzma ("The Emperor's New Groove"), the Evil Queen ("Snow White"), and Hades ("Hercules").

Disney Store designers Jess Fuchs and Steven Thompson, have worked on other character designs for the Midnight Masquerade series in the past, and have been working just as hard on this new collection for over a year.

"The characters are so exciting to work on because they are over the top to begin with," Thompson, the principal designer on the collection, told Insider over email. "They have a dark side to them, but also a sense of fun."
"We worked with the concept that this time out the villains are 'crashing the ball.' The artwork is a bit moodier and vibrant. A little edgier," Thompson continued. "I imagined it was like we were catching them at the moment of arrival, just before they enter to the surprise of everyone there. As I was working on each new piece, I would try to imagine what kind of mischief each character was going to get into in order to come up with the different poses and expressions."

Starting October 6th every Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET a new doll will be released online, this will happen till November 10th. If you would like to buy one then you'll need to access shopDisney's MerchPass here to be placed into an online lottery. If you are picked you will have a specific window of time to buy the doll. 

Click HERE to see all the different dolls.


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