Costco Workers Claim On TikTok Customers Can Return Dead Christmas Trees

Entrance to large Costco warehouse superstore in Manassas, Virginia, USA

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The return policy at Costco for returning items is insane!

A TikTok who claimed to be a Costco employee just posted a video on the social media platform telling people the most interesting refund requests. 

The TikTok user, goes by Hannah, as well as another apparent employee, recorded themselves responding to: "Questions we get all the time at refunds."

"I used these bed sheets for 5 years," Hannah wrote in the clip. "Can I return it?"
She added: "Yes! U get a full refund."
The next question was: "Can I return a dead Christmas tree after Christmas?" 
According to the clip, the answer is: "Yes! You’ll get a full refund."
Finally, Hannah wrote that customers have asked: "Can I return this pie even tho there’s only a quarter of it left?"
Shockingly, the answer is: "SURE! Here’s ur money back."

The clip has been viewed over 2.9 million times since the post went up this past weekend, it also has thousands of comments. 

One commenter wrote: "Costco also has the right to refund the person’s membership if they are abusing the return policy. My husband was warned."
Someone else chimed in: "My husband works at Costco and one time a woman brought back [an] empty wine bottle because it gave her a headache!!"
"My social anxiety could never," another person said. "I’d be so embarrassed."

Fox News asked Hannah and Costco to comment on the video and neither have responded.

But according to the Costco website, members have a "risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee."

"We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell, and will refund your purchase price, with the following exceptions," the website says. 

The only things you can't always return are electronics — though they can be returned within 90 days — diamonds over 1.00 ct — though customers may be able to return a diamond if they have all the original paperwork — cigarettes and alcohol. You also can't return for a full refund are products like tires or batteries, which have a limited useful life expectancy, and custom products made to a customer’s specifications.  

As for other items that can be returned for a full refund, Costco does specify that "limitations apply," though the website doesn't say what those are.

In order to return items, Costco says customers can bring the product they are returning to "any Costco warehouse" where the company’s Member Services Team can process the return. 
"It helps if you have the receipt or original product packaging, but it may not be necessary to process your return," the Costco website says.


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