TikTokers Say Eating Rice Krispy Treats Helps With Their Working Outs

Marshmallow Crispy Rice Treat

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The new pre workout according to a new TikTok trend is....Rice Crispies Treats...no this is not a typo in case you were wondering.

Experts are saying it's not a bad idea to one before a workout but that there are better options out there to help fuel your body before a workout.

TikTok user @Ko0maa claims the treat gives you "an insane pump" at the gym. The clip shows him hitting his best personal weight-lifting record, and it's all thanks to the Rice Krispies Treats he ate before his workout. The has more than 175,000 views and 14,000 likes.

"Trust me when I say it, Rice Krispies gonna make you have the best workout," Twitter user @s_terrazasinsisted.
Others are more skeptical. "Tried the Rice Krispies Treat before a workout thing. Don’t get it. 30 min of sugar high then a sugar crash that ruined the back end of my workout. Not for me," user @RickSegallwrote.
By textbook nutrition standards, you ideally want to eat a well-rounded meal with carbohydrates, proteins and fat about three hours before a workout, says Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, associate professor exercise physiology at UNC Chapel Hill's Department of Exercise and Sport Science and active researcher in sport nutrition and exercise performance.

If you're going to eat right before a workout it's best you focus on carbs and protein.

"A Rice Krispies Treat would be mostly carbs, but it's a quick easily digested, so it's not going to cause GI distress," she says. But it would be best to also add in some protein. "So for example, like a Greek yogurt or that's where the protein shakes come in."

Michael Daignault, an emergency physician and chief medical adviser for Reliant Health Service, doubts the trend is effective but also states it's not bad for you.

He suspects the touted energy boost "is related to a brief sugar high plus a placebo effect from a perceived performance enhancement."

Daignault warns that everyone has a different metabolism, so the best pre-workout meals can vary from person to person.

"We know that there is certainly a benefit to having post-workout protein in the form of a smoothie or meal. But as far as pre-workout, athletes' preferences vary and can include training on an empty stomach, eating a small meal of protein and good fat like avocado or using a pre-workout supplement," he says.
Deciding what is best to eat before a workout also depends on what kind of workout you'll be doing, Smith-Ryan says.
"If I'm going to lift weights, I can probably stomach more than if I'm going to go run," she explains. Smith-Ryan, citing research, echoes that the best pre-workout foods will vary based on each individual. 

What do you think about this trend?


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