Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Is Back For The Holidays

Aldi food market in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Photo: Getty Images

Besides putting up a Christmas tree the other popular decoration that all families love to put up is the Advent calendar. Some enjoy counting down to Christmas with candy, toys, or even socks, those are all fun for kids but us adults need one just for our selves. Which is why the adult Advent calendars are so much fun...when you get to count down with wine of course.

Aldi grocery stores always seem to have the best Advent calendars and this year their lineup includes the return of one of their most popular countdowns: the 24-day wine calendar! This year, the Aldi wine advent calendar will come with 24 187-ml bottles and will have a new wine selection, and there has been a price drop of $10. It will now be priced at $59.99, and it will be available at Aldi stores that sell alcohol.

But we all have to wait till late October for Aldi to announce their full list of calendars, they have announced their Emporium Selection Advent Cheese calendar will also be making a return. Paired with the wine calendar, or just enjoyed on its own, the cheese countdown includes 24 different kinds of cheese, one for every day of December until you may have to invest in two calendars this year.

The calendar will include 24 mini bottles, including French sauvignon blanc, premium Prosecco, top-vintage Bordeaux and ruby Port. Priced at $139.99, the calendar has sold out within weeks for three years in a row, so hurry up and get your order in when you can.


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