Huntington Beach Restaurant Feeds Wildlife Rescue Workers At Oil Slick

Pre-packaged sandwiches displayed in a commercial refrigerator

Photo: Getty Images

A family-owned restaurant in Huntington Beach called Good Vibes, has opened their restaurant doors to the wildlife rescue workers who are helping animals impacted by the oil spill. The family is giving the rescue workers free vegan meals.

"Even if they weren't vegan, they just need something that is healthy. Something that is not going to weigh them down and that makes them feel good," said Huong Pham, owner of Good Vibes. "Just to let them know people care and notice what they're doing."

This family restaurant also gathers donations and cook food to help fed people in need.

"Our family has always done a lot of different charity work. But especially with COVID and the lockdown last year, we really saw the need for like good food that's warming people's hearts," said Pham.

Pham said they initially wanted to get hands-on with the animals and help the wildlife rescue team. But when they reached out volunteers were not needed.

"So we wanted to be able to at least donate food to the people that are working and helping restore kind of the wildlife out there," said Pham.

If interested in helping the restaurant is taking donations to help feed the rescue workers and also people in need.

"We go on walks daily, and it's like, how does that affect the animals there? How does it affect our community in our backyard?" questioned Pham. "So definitely something really sad."


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