Starbucks Has A Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino That You Have To Try

Someone has lit the black flamed candle again because the The Sanderson Sisters are back and have made their way to the Starbucks Secret Menu! First off we have the Sanderson sister that is the most obsessed with herself, which of course is Sarah!

Sarah has the pretty blonde hair and the purple outfit, so Starbucks did their best to create the closest look to her, and they were sure to give the drink a nice, exciting taste to go with her bubbly personality! It also has a purple color to it with a berry taste, and it's topped with whip cream and some yellow sprinkles to match her golden locks. This is a perfect representation of Sarah!

How To Order The Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino From Hocus Pocus

Start by asking for a Violet Drink with extra berries.
Then, ask them to substitute the coconut milk for soy milk.
Then tell them you want the drink to be double blended.
And finally, ask for whip cream and the ginger powder on top.

Then say Hocus Pocus to magically create your very own Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino!

Keep your eye out for future Sanderson Sister Frappuccinos! Winifred and Mary will be coming soon!

SOURCE: Totally The Bomb

Java Chip Coffee Frappuccino Starbucks Coffee

Photo: Getty Images

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