Four Year Old calls Emergency Services To Share His Toys

Police Officer Giving Child Stuffed Animal

Photo: Getty Images

When you're four, and things don't go your way it could almost feel like an "emergency" which was the case for a New Zealand boy who just wanted to show the cops his toys.

The toddler dialed New Zealand's emergency number, 111, and the recording was released this week by the police.

"Hi … police lady?" the unnamed boy says.
"Yes, what's going on?" the operator replies.
Boy:Can I tell you something?
111:You can tell me something.
Boy:I've got some toys for you.
111:You've got some toys for me?
Boy:Yep. Come over and see them!

The operator asks the young boy where he is at, which the boy was about to tell her but then gets interrupted by an adult, who explains he was "helping out while his mother's sick" and was distracted by another child that was there with them.

The dispatcher ended up calling a police officer out to the scene just to be sure the boy was truly safe.

"There's a four-year-old there who is wanting to show police their toys, over," she says.

Officer Kurt went to the boy's home and "was shown an array of toys" before he taught the boy a lesson on the importance of only calling 111 for a real emergency.

The Police department released the call on social media, saying it was "too cute not to share".

"He did have cool toys," the officer who attended said.


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