What You Can Gift The Person Who Has Everything

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As our family gets older it seems to get harder and harder to figure out what to get some of them, especially when they have everything they could ever need. So, what do you get the person who thinks they have everything? Well, according to new research Chocolate or gift cards may be your best bet.

A survey of 2,000 Americans found that while most (58%) said they’re easy to shop for during the holidays, some say that they’re impossible to shop for (5%).

Two in three people said they’re impossible to shop for because they’re extremely picky about what they want. Nearly half believe they either have everything they could possibly want (47%) or never know what to ask for (45%).

Three in four people who say they easy to shop for during the holidays is because they are just “easy to please.” Sixty-eight percent say that the thought behind the gift counts more than the gift itself.

So overall people said they enjoyed gifts like chocolate (58%), holiday gift baskets (50%) and gift cards (49%). For two-thirds of people said, these gifts are easy go-to’s for the picky people in their lives.

Commissioned by BJ’s Wholesale Club and conducted by One Poll, the study also revealed the most useful gift to have this holiday season isn’t a hot ticket item — instead, it’s a wish list.

Seventy percent of people said they just ask other people to give them a wish list of the items they want for the holidays, and 62% do the same, giving others their own wish list.

To help make things easier is, 49% of self-identified impossible giftees especially prefer giving others a wish list of exactly what they want.

Holiday wish lists are mostly shared with significant others (51%), their kids (41%) and friends (36%). And for 74%, there’s no pressure, they’ll just buy something for themselves if they don’t get the item off their holiday wish list.


  1. Chocolate - 58%
  2. Holiday gift baskets - 50%
  3. Gift cards - 49%
  4. Clothing accessories (hats, mittens, slippers, etc.) - 48%
  5. Socks - 42%
  6. Seasonal popcorn - 41%
  7. Pajamas - 40%
  8. Self-care items - 39%
  9. Cash - 37%
  10. Food - 35%

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