42 Magical Disney Products You're Gonna Want This Holiday Season

Minnie and Mickey Mouse ride Disney Parks float

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Just what we need a list of 42 fun Disney items we NEED for ourselves...and I suppose for gift giving as well. ekk!

1. A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, will become your *guiding light* as you make your way through your hallway in the middle of the night when you'll inevitably have to pee.
2. Alice in Wonderland plates created in a Mary Blair style in honor of the 70th anniversary of the film — a must-have for the themed viewing party you're planning for you and your cat Dinah.
3. A book filled with poster art you may recognize from the Disney Parks throughout the years — finally, a coffee table book you'll actually want to flip through instead of just leaving it on display.
4. A Disney Princess version of Candy Land that'll make game night more magical than ever. However, be warned, a fight may break out between you and your siblings over who gets to play as the Rapunzel piece.
5. A pack of Frozen 2instant film, so the next time you and buddies take selfies they'll have a lovely wintry feel to them that'll look *so* good when you hang 'em up on your cork board.
6. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kitto keep you busy for a bit and leave you with a Spooktacular piece of art for your home.
7. A delicate Beauty and the Beast teacup and saucer with a classic Chip quote on it you won't be able to resist adding to your collection.
8. A set of LED light saber chop sticks that'll make all of your at-home sushi dinners feel like a night out at the Cantina (but without all the gambling and violence).
9. A Mickey Mouse-themed pet bed, so your furry friend can get in on the Disney magic — and why shouldn't they???
10. A felt storage bin with subtle die-cut Mickey Mouse's on the side you can use to store things like Disney Funko Pops when they're not out on display, your collection of ear headbands, or the many (many) scrapbooks you've made of all of your Disney adventures. The options are limitless.

Click HERE to see pictures of each item and to see and read on the other 32 other items!


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