Woman Spends A Small Fortune Renting 520 Drones To Celebrate Dog’s Birthday

Happy woman with her dog

Photo: Getty Images

A Chinese woman spent almost $16,000 on an an elaborate aerial display using drones to celebrate her dog’s 10th birthday and authorities were not happy about her stunt and had something to say about it.

The identified woman, rented 520 of the flying machines to form the message “Happy 10th birthday to Doudou” in the sky over the Xiangjiang River in Changsha, the South China Morning Post reported.

Then the drones flew in formations that created patterns of a birthday cake. Then the woman and her friends sang to Doudou with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

The woman apparently chose the number 520 on purpose because its Mandarin pronunciation sounds similar to the phrase, “I love you,” according to the news outlet.

Apparently the authorities were not happy about the drones because they say it violated the no-fly zones amid the nearby high-rises.

Well, at least the pup had a great 10th Birthday!

SOURCE: New York Post

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