Husband Proves Point To Wife, That Real diamonds Are 'Pointless'

A man has come up with the best way to prove to his wife that real diamonds are no different than fake ones - and hey, it saved him a ton of money, too.

TikToker Josie, @josie__francis, shared a video of her sister-in-law opening up two gifts from her brother, both of which looked exactly the same.

Her brother then explained to his wife that one pair of earrings were genuine diamond, and the other was a pair of cubic zirconia, but they were both in the exact same packaging.

He then told his wife that she had to choose which earrings she liked the best and that she could keep whichever she liked, but the other pair were going to go back to the shop for a refund - after debating which ones she felt were the real ones, she made a choice...and she chose wrong! The genuine diamond earrings were going to be sent back for a refund!!

Josie titled the video "this was so good" and wrote over the first scene: "For Christmas, my brother got his wife a pair of diamond earrings and an identical pair of cubic zirconia earrings and whichever she picks she keeps lol. Merry Christmas!"
Then the brother can be heard saying: "So one of those are real, the other is not. You pick one and the other one goes back.


Beautiful Diamond stud earrings

Photo: Getty Images

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