Lifeguard Saves A Kangaroo From Rough Surf

Portrait of Kangaroo, Lucky Bay, The Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia, Australia

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Being a lifeguard is a tough job at the best of times, but the job gets even harder when the rescue involves an animal oppose to a person.

As rookie Lillian Bee Young, 17, just found out. Her first mission was to save a kangaroo that had jumped into rough surf.

"My other workmate, Carissa and I, we were sitting on the tractor and she goes, 'Oh my God, there's a kangaroo jumping off the rocks!' and we were just figuring out what we should do … because we've never had that happen before," Lillian said.

The save happened on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, at a beach within the Bundjalung National Park.

Onlookers were shocked that the eastern grey kangaroo just hopped over a rock platform and fell straight into the ocean.

"We get quite a few kangaroos around," Lillian said.
"I guess it just hopped out of the bushes and there were fishermen on the rocks … so it sort of wanted to jump back and steer clear of them and then just got wiped out by a set.
"It was just drifting out and didn't want to come in [to the beach] because it was sort of scared."
Lillian said she quickly decided to grab the rescue board and head out to assist the distressed kangaroo, which was able to keep its head above water but was struggling to make it back to shore.
"I was trying to figure out how, if I needed to, get it on the board … but also it's a wild animal … even though you're helping I wouldn't want it to hurt me or make it more stressed out," she said.

People started gathering around on the shore, Lillian and her co-worker told them to all back up to give the kangaroo space so that it could find its feet again.

Videos taken by onlookers show the Kangaroo trying to jump out of the waves several times but instead it was getting knocked around by the surf.

"It was quite a windy day, very choppy," Lillian said.
"I paddled behind it and sort of guided it into the beach."

When the kangaroo finally got out of the water and made it to shore and hopped up the sand, everyone around was thrilled and full of smiles.

"It was quite special. There were people cheering and clapping … and then [the kangaroo] was just sitting there up in the bushes, almost, I thought, as a thank you … it was really serene," Lillian said.

Lillian is finishing up high school this year and is an hoping to become a professional surfer.

"I didn't think that was gonna ever be my first rescue … a kangaroo at my local, but it's pretty special!"

Source: ABC-AU

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