Family Finds Wrapped Gifts From Late Grandparents And Great-Grandparents

Family opening christmas presents. Close up view of the stack of gifts

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A family found a bunch of wrapped Christmas gifts in their attic from their late grandfather. 

TicToker Holly Pomeroy, 29, from Central Florida, put up several videos about the gifts they found on TikTok last week. 

The video has been viewed more than 8.5 million times since it being posted on Dec. 27, Holly showed herself taking the gifts out of a box. 

Holly captioned the video: “My grandfather recently passed away and my cousin found super old wrapped Christmas presents in the attic to my dad, my sister and I. We also found an old Christmas card with money in it from my great-grandparents who passed around 2002.”
Near the end of the clip, Holly can be heard saying: “These are probably from when we were kids.”

Holly told Fox News her grandfather died on Nov. 16 and soon after, her cousin started going through his house which was right around Thanksgiving. 

That’s when she found the collection of gifts and a Christmas card with money inside that was from Holly's great-grandparents who had passed away in 2008. 

Her cousin ended up delivering the gifts and card to Holly and her family in December. In other TikTok videos, Holly said her dad got a flashlight and a massage chair, while she got a pink fleece robe and a pink Snuggie. Then said her sister also got a Snuggie, but hers was blue. 

“It was definitely emotional opening them and knowing it was the very last thing I would ever receive from my grandparents,” Pomeroy told Fox.

A lot of people who commented on the video said that Holly could look at the Snuggies a “hug” from her grandparents. 

One commenter wrote: “Like an extra hug from them to keep you warm when they’re not here.”

Holly told Fox that she’s not really sure why her grandparents had forgotten about the gifts, or what year they were actually from, aside from the fact that one of the gifts was from her grandmother who passed away in 2015. 

“It’s possible that it was from Christmas of 2014 that we weren’t able to come down for,” Pomeroy said. “And then her health started really declining in January of 2015 and my grandpa probably just packed them away and forgot about them because of her death.”

Holly thinks that the Christmas cards that were given to her by her great grandparents could have been from the 90s, since the bills were from the 1995 series.

“We didn’t get to spend a whole lot of Christmases with my great-grandparents though, so could have just been forgotten as well,” Holly said. 
“[We] just think it is a huge blessing for this to happen to us,” she said. 

SOURCE: New York Post

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