Dwayne Johnson FaceTimes A 5 Year Old Boy, With Inoperable Brain Tumor

Dwayne Johnson was extremely emotional during a FaceTime call he had with a five-year-old boy who's sadly battling an aggressive brain tumor.

Johnson went on Instagram last week and shared the sweet moment he met the "very special little boy" named Jett.

Johnson, is known for going above and beyond for his fans, especially when that are facing health setbacks. He wrote that Jett was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), which he said is a "highly aggressive an inoperable brain tumor that occurs almost exclusively in young children."

He also stated that the survival rate for someone with DIPG is eight to 11 months. The disease has the ability to completely stop a person's ability to "walk, talk, smile and eventually breathe - all while leaving the mind completely in tact," the star informed his 288 million followers.

Jett has had 30 rounds of radiation without being sedated, he has now lost the ability to speak. He uses thumbs up or thumbs down to respond to things, Johnson said. Johnson was able to FaceTime Jett and his family three weeks ago.

"Jett, I want you to know buddy it's so good meeting you. I've heard so much about you, and I've heard the most amazing things about you. Honestly, it's the best part of my day," the former wrestling star says to Jett in theclip.
"I was working today, and I was making a television show. It's called ‘Young Rock’ and I could not wait to see you and talk to you and finally meet you," Johnson continues before holding up a piece of paper. "Look, it just goes on and on and on. There's all this amazing stuff here about you. Truly, this makes my day. Thank you so much for even giving me the time to say hello and meet you."

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