Restaurants Slow Down As Omicron Hits U.S.

Closed businesses for COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, closure sign on retail store window banner background. Government shutdown of restaurants, shopping stores, non essential services

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Starbucks customers have not been happy lately because when they arrive to claim their mobile drink orders, they have found cafes shut down, and delivery drivers are waiting longer to pick up some McDonald's Big Macs. 

Restaurants have slowed due to Omicron, workers are getting sick left and right and it scares off others, leaving many businesses without enough staff. 

Last week Starbucks Corp customers have been complaining on Twitter about the temporary closures and reduced hours at locations around the country, including in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, California, New Jersey, Florida and New York. 

Lawyer William Clarke told Reuters that he had placed a phone order for coffee at a Starbucks in Hoboken, New Jersey at 9:20 am one morning. But when he arrived at the store they hadn't even opened yet, so he asked for a refund. Apparently, this location has been opening late and closing altogether on some days since the end of December, he said. 

"I totally understand any staff shortage at the moment and understand if they need to adjust hours because of it," he said. 

Another customer named Zmer Andranigian showed up at the Glendale, California Starbucks on Jan. 1 to pick up his order that he made through the Starbucks app at about 5 pm, but to his surprise the store was already closed. So he went back the next day and was able to pick up his drinks, he said. 

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