Teen Designs Harry Potter Prom Dress

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A Picture worth a thousand words, is the perfect way to describe this prom dress. A high school student made her prom dress out of pages from Harry Potter books. Hailey Skoch, 18 is from Arkansas created this vision from her favorite series because they helped her cope with her parents recent divorce.

The teen spent four days working on her masterpiece, folding the pages, ripping and gluing for hours on end.

'I really wanted to do something more unconventional, and I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter forever,' she explained to ArkTimes.
'I love to read. So I threw some stuff together and decided to make it a ballgown.' 

Hailey cant take all the credit for the design her mom is a costume maker and helped her bring it all together.

'She just completely helped me put it all together with the corset and gave me some great ideas for the bodice,' she gushed.

The books not only helped her throughout her parents divorce but they are books that she grew up reading. She would have the movies playing in the background to help motivate her as she worked.

'I was binge watching the whole Harry potter series so you can’t just get half way through and wait a week and watch the rest,' she told Fox23.
'You start on a project like that, you just have to get it done as fast as possible.'

With the dress being so unique she definitely caught the attention and had head turning as she made her entrance.

'It was completely insane because I just kind of entered [prom] and everyone was kind a doing their own thing. One person saw me, and then another,' she recalled to ArkTimes.
'It was almost creepy in sync, everyone’s heads just turned. It was the craziest feeling I’ve ever had.'

Hailey had always dreamed of being a therapist but after creating this dress she is considering a career in fashion.

'It’s not every day that someone tells you that you could pursue your hobby,' she added to Fox23.

After posting her photos online it was only a matter of days before she went viral.

'I made my dress! I wore it to prom pictures and wow, I was not expecting all the support and compliments,' she wrote on Instagram, alongside a few photos of herself in the gown.
'Thanks for all the love guys. I’m obsessed with this look and it was made from the books of my childhood, Harry Potter. 
'For me this is a piece of art about growth and transition into my adult self as I wear the words that brought me so much peace in my youth.'

She received so much love and comments on the dress.

'That's amazing,' wrote one person, while another added, 'Just here to say this is absolutely amazing and beautiful!'
'That's so pretty and cool,' someone else said, and a fourth person agreed, 'This is outstanding! I hope you consider design in the future.'
'Omg you are so talented,' read a different comment.

She had received so much love for her creation that it got the attention from designers and photographers, she also had a few libraries reach out to see if they can use it for a display.

'I was this shy, nerdy, geeky kid that was looking for some magic in my life,' she said. '[These books were] just such an inspiration at a time when I was so vulnerable and needed it most... I have such a great love for these books.'

Check out the video below.


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