Couple Wakes Up To A Mystery Dog In Their Bed

Long haired dachshund sleeping in bed with his human

Photo: Getty Images

A Tennessee couple woke up to something sleeping with them in bed with them. They thought it was an intruder but once they noticed they realized it was a dog.

Julie Johnson woke up in the middle to use the restroom then she noticed a strange dog in bed.

"But our dogs are always in the bed, so I didn't panic about that, or think anything about it. I just went back to bed," she said. 

Once the sound came up her husband realized that the dog who was cuddled up with them wasn't one of there pups.

"I roll over and me and my husband I lock eyes — and sure enough, it is not our dog," she said.

The couple was startled at first because they thought that maybe someone else was in the house. Then they figured the stray dog was lost.

"We knew that she was of absolute no harm to us or our dogs. She was just looking for a safe place. So, it totally turned into a comical, 'Let's take some photos with Nala,'" she said. They couple snapped several photos of their peculiar predicament and shared the story on Facebook.

The lost dog didn't have a collar so the Johnsons took it to social media to find the owners, with in a few hours they found Nalas owners

"I wanted to make sure Nala want back to the right moms. So I asked her if she could prove she was her mom and she sent me Christmas pictures and Easter pictures and just lots of photos with Nala," Johnson said. "And she hopped in the car and came to my house."

Nala's mom, Felicia said she had gone missing since the day before.

"She slipped her collar and ran off," Johnson said.
"So, she had been missing since mid-afternoon on Saturday. And then, I guess, she made her way about two miles towards our house. And then when the storms rolled in and the thunder started, Nala just came to us as a refuge."

Once they discovered she had been found hey parent Felicia and chris came to pick her up from her sleepover party.

"They were absolutely not surprised. They were like, 'She's a bed hog. She snores like an old man. We're sorry, we're on our way to get her,'" Johnson said. "They thought it was hysterical. They were super thankful that my husband Jimmy and myself didn't get angry with Nala."

Nala made the right choice by seeking refuge in the Johnson residence because she gained some new friends. The Johnsons have three other dogs and they now have a forever friend.

Since then they have had Nala over for ice cream and playdates.

"We invited Nala and her moms over for ice cream and treats and a puppy playdate in our yard," she said. "The four of us could not even believe the attention this story has gotten and how one dog has brought the four of us together. The eight of us, actually — four humans and four dogs — into, I hope, a friendship."


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