Good Samaritans Save Driver From Drifting Into Intersection

Group of young people pushing broken down car across sand, side view

Photo: Getty Images

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. A group of good samaritans jumped into action in Florida to help a driver who had suffered a medical emergency.

The incident happened on Cinco de Mayo when a vehicle started drifting into a busy intersection. The video of the incident shows drivers getting out of their cars to help with assist the situation. The driver who first steeped out to help was coworkers with the motorist. She was slumped over the wheel and was passed out.

"As her car slowly entered the intersection at Congress Avenue, her co-worker raced across the street waving her arms to get the attention of other motorists," the Boynton Beach Police Department said.

A groups of strangers started to spring into action. Driver after driver started to get out of their cars and try to stop the car from crashing. Trying to find a way to break the window to help her out, nearby car used a dumbbell to break into the car.

"Another man then climbed through the window to unlock the passenger's side door," police said. "The car was then put in park and the good Samaritans pushed it to a nearby 7-Eleven parking lot where a nurse who was on the phone with 911 provided medical attention until the fire department arrives."

The woman wanted to know who assisted in stopping her car, after posting on twitter they were able to get everyone together and are planning a reunion once she feels better.

check out the video of their heroic act


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