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Unfortunate Mix-Up Causes Brides Wedding Dress To Be Mistakenly Buried

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A wedding is a very important day in ones life. All the planning and preparation that goes into the big day, the last thing a bride wants to think of is not having a wedding dress. This bride was about to not have her wedding dress all thanks to an unfortunate mix- up months before her wedding.

Kasia, the owner of a bridal shop in Chicago shared this brides story on Tiktok. The groom came to shop owner in hopes that she can assist him in replacing the dress before the bride finds out.

“So this groom calls me today, frantic as hell, crying practically. ‘Can you help me, my bride bought her dress with you last year. I understand that she picked it up … but I need to reorder it,'” she said.

The shop owner said of course she can help but was confused as to why a dress needed to be reordered.

“I’m thinking, why is the groom calling me? Is this like a ploy to find out info?” she went on.

The groom had only seen the dress and didn't have much information on specific details on the dress , just needs it to be re ordered

The shop owner was trying to get as much info as well as explain that there might not be enough time to get alterations done. Then the groom cuts her off.

But the groom cut her off.

“He said, ‘No, alterations are not an option. There’s nothing to alter. I need to know if you can reorder this dress,'” she said.

The shop owner started to do research with the manufacturer and learned that it wouldn't be possible to order, it would need to be customized. She gave this info to the groom who in frustration started crying and passed the phone. That's when Kasia learned why he was calling her in the first place.

“Well, it’s an unfortunate situation,” the brother of the bride said. “You see, the bride gave the dress to our mother to go ahead and store in safe keeping.
“And my mom did just that. She put it in her closet, and no one goes in there. Just my mom.”

Two weeks before the call, grandma had passed away.

“So, grandpa was buried in his tuxedo. Grandma wanted to be buried in her wedding gown,” the brother said.
“Mom told me and my future brother-in-law to go get grandma’s wedding dress out of the closet. So we did. We didn’t know to get the box. We took the bag,” he went on.

The shop owner was in shock with this unfortunate mix- up.

She said: “Being guys, they didn’t know better. They didn’t know there were multiple wedding dresses in the closet.
“So the guys took this dress and they dropped it off at the funeral home.”

The shop owner was confused why no one noticed at the services that grandma was wearing the dress.

“Apparently, it was a closed casket,” Kasia said. “So no one knew that this wedding dress is on grandma. The bride’s wedding dress is on grandma. This dress is buried six feet under with grandma.”

Its been two weeks since the services and now the shop owner and mother of the bride are doing what they can to get a dress ordered in time.

The upside is that the bride now was going to get a dress that was better fitting. Also turns out that grandma wasn't a fan of the brides dress and the irony of it all is that she ended up getting married in the dress.

Watch the bridal Shop owner Kasia explain the story... What would you do if that was you?


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