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Police Office Goes Viral For His Act Of Kindness

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A heartfelt video is going viral after local Tennessee police officer stops to assist an elderly woman. Of course leave it to Tiktok for catching this moment of kindness. This officer was on his normal route when he noticed something different on the highway.

“I was driving down Old Fort Parkway and noticed what appeared to be a senior citizen walking down the highway with her walker,” Officer Hofmeister. He then stopped to check on the woman, who he later learned was 84-year-old Elizabeth Goode.

She told the officer that she was took the bus with hopes to make it to her hair appointment. He offered not only to take her but also give her a ride back home once she was done.

“I lost my grandmother a couple of years back, and it just gave me that feeling all over again of just the sincere nostalgic – it was a great feeling,” Officer Hofmeister said.

thanks to tiktok, we all get to share this moment.

“It was definitely a sweet moment, and I’ll always remember it,” Officer Hofmeister said.


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