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Man Goes Viral For Sharing Genius Life Hacks On TikTok

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This Tiktok is going viral for creating content he wish he knew before he was 30. Sydney Raskind or aka Sydney Raz on TikTok gives users genus life hacks to help you in life.

Some of the hacks he shares are the proper way to pop popcorn. Once you pop the kernel's the opening on top of the bag is supposed to be used to shake out the unpopped kernels. Another hack he gives is for you travelers, using the neck pillow by placing it into your neck as opposed to it around. Or how to use the dryer to dry your shoes, tying the laces, opening the dryer door put the shoes into the dryer and hold the laces between the door then close, and dry.

There are so many more hacks that he shares that makes us think have we been doing it wrong this whole time?

He says he creates content to just be helpful and fun for people, he knows its helped him so he wants to share with everyone else.

He has over 3.3 million followers and over 96 million likes, Follow his TikTok here


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