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Nurse Goes Above And Beyond To Adopts Patient's Dog

Woman takes a picture with her Chihuahua

Photo: Getty Images

A nurse who goes above and beyond for her patients is welcoming home a new fur baby.

"I could have never guessed the connection that you develop with some people when you take care of them," said Kim Still.

She first got into nursing to give back but never thought a patent and her dog would be the one to help her.

"They just totally like, changed my life," she said.

She was assigned to an elderly patient who was dying and the two instantly connected. One thing that she was worried was what would happen to her Chihuahua after she was gone.

"Didn't have any kids, she didn't have any family close by. So all she really had was this dog," Still said.

The family that came in told her that they took the pup to the local shelter to surrender since they were unable to care foe him.

"So I was very worried that he was not going to be given a good chance and possibly be put down if he didn't get out of the shelter," Still added.

She felt this is what she can doin her honor is adopt Jax and give him a good home.

"Because I was like, I am never going to get rid of him. He was so sweet, he is one of the most loving dogs ever," Still said.

She was even given a special award at work for showing Compassion.

As long as she has Jax she will be reminded of the why she went into nursing.

"Being there, people need to feel heard, and they need to feel like someone cares about them," she said.

She already had a dog but couldn't let this little one get away.


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