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Son Grows Out Hair To Make A Wig For His Mom

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Matt Shaha 27, of Arizona is being praised for helping his mom in a beautiful unforgettable way. Melanie is Matts mom and a few year ago she was undergoing radiation while treating a brain tumor, which left her bald. In 2020 mat decided he was going to grow his hair out for him mom and give her a very special gift a new hair, a wig made from his hair especially for her.

"When you wear a hat everywhere, you just stick out like a sore thumb," she said. "I don't mind being sick, but I do very much mind that I look sick." 

Melanie had a benign brain tumor that she had been battling since 2003. Even though it was benign Melanie wanted it to be removed. Doctors had to remove it three times before starting radiation to help shrink the tumor.

"About three months after radiation, all my hair started to fall out, which I didn't know would happen," she said. "And the doctor said it won't come back."
"Maybe I'll grow it for you mom." 
"Then it just kind of like clicked: Well, why don't I?" he added. 

he started growing it March 2020

"I knew it was a big ask and… there might be a time when it's not practical for his career or with sports or relationship-wise," Melanie said.

When it came time for Matt to cut his hair the reality of it the whole thing hit Melanie and she broke out into tears.

"The kindness, compassion and sacrifice from Matt has really been spectacular," she said. "He has shown a lot of love and concern." 

Matt found a company in Newport Beach that takes the donated hair and will custom make the wig for the client.

"There are lots of places that you can cut your hair and donate it, but there are very few companies that will take your donated hair and make a wig for you," Melanie said. 

She received the wig mid June and finally after four years she was able to feel like her old self with the help of her son.

"It meant the world to see that project just kind of come to fruition and seeing how well it turned out," Matt said. 


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