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Viral TikTok Shows Users An Easy Hack For Cooking The Perfect Egg

A man trying to heat an egg in the microwave

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Leave it to Tiktok to give us another life lesson. This one is courtesy of Kasandra or @Akakasandra she first posted this video back on July 27th and since then its had over 7 million views and counting. She is going viral for giving us her hack for cooking eggs in the microwave.

this stove free trick is so easy its become a game changer for the lazy chef.

The video starts with Kasandra covering a plate with butter or oil, then she cracks the egg over the oil. Then she covers the uncooked egg with another plate and sticks the whole thing in the microwave for 50 secs.

“And there’s your perfect egg,” she says.

She adds that you can adjust the cook time based on how runny you like your eggs, like 10 secs more or less depending on how you take them.

There are so many food trends and hacks that we've learned thanks to TikTok and this one has the internet raving.

Here are some of the comments,

“I thought microwaving eggs was bad?” another asked.
“This is so smart,” one user commented.
“OMG thank you … I’m 68 and have been cleaning pans for years and years. I want to hug you,” another wrote.
“As a college student, thank you,” another added.

Now you may be asking is it safe to microwave your eggs? The answer is Yes! so long as you are using a microwave safe container.

Are you going to try this hack?


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