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Harry Styles Helps With Surprise Proposal While On Tour

Harry Styles Performs On NBC's "Today"

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We all know and love Harry Styles well after you hear this you'll love him even more. Mr.Styles helps a fan with a surprise proposal at his concert. This viral video has over 9.3 million likes and even more comments.

While on his "Love on Tour" on fan asks him permission

 "sing two lines" to his girlfriend, to which the singer replies: "How long have you two been together first of all. If this is like a two week thing, no chance."
"Do you get the microphone for [being together] 'a little more than a year'?" As the crowds cheer, Styles says: "I'm not sure," before saying: "Yea, alright" 

He nervously grabs the mic and starts to beautifully sing "Can't help calling in love" which also shocks Harry, he definitely wasn't expecting what came out of his mouth.

Harry and the rest of the concert join him in singing then the man pulls out a wedding ring and asks her "Will you marry me?"

she grabs the mic and screams "Yes"

The crowd starts to cheer and Harry congratulates the couple and continues with the show

Take notes fellas this is the right way to do a proposal. We're glad she said yes!

Watch the exciting video below.


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