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Video Of Cockatoo Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Portrait of a white crested cockatoo

Photo: Getty Images

Parapapapa I'm Loving it, is what this Cockatoo is going to be saying. A video is going viral on Tiktok of a Cockatoo eating a hash brown. With over 4million likes the video was taken in Australia by @ladbibleaustralia shows a man offering a bird a bite from his hash brown.

"Mate, we're going for a ride alright? We're going for a spin," he tells the bird from offscreen as they drive. 

The Cockatoo cant help himself and starts to munch down.

"This is so good!" the man says from behind the camera with a laugh. "Just enjoying a morning hash brown,"

Seeing this majestic bird is nothing special in Australia but him taking the hash brown is something you don't see everyday.

Check out their interaction.


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