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Missing Engagement Ring Found In Tornado Debris

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A home near Hopewell, Texas, was unfortunately destroyed by the EF3 tornado. It was in this home where Dakota Hudson hid an engagement ring. He never thought he’d see it again.

Despite everything, Hudson didn’t just find his missing engagement ring on Tuesday but also popped the question to his girlfriend, Lauren Patterson. She has been waiting seven years to receive this ring.

“It’s about f****** time,” said Patterson.

Due to the Lamar County tornado, it, unfortunately, left Lauren and Dakota with almost nothing.

“I told her, I was like, ‘I lost your engagement ring and your wedding band,’ and she told me it was alright,” said Hudson. “All she needed was me.”

Luckily, the Paris Junior College softball team arrived to help clean up and look for that special ring.

“When you tell 20 girls someone is going to get engaged if they find a ring, they are going to find it,” said Hudson.
“I was just kind of digging through the mud in this certain particular spot, and I kept digging there,” said Kate Rainey. “I don’t know why- I felt led to dig right there, and I found a little piece of a metal circle, and it was not metal. It was gold. I didn’t believe it. When I found it, I was like, ‘there’s no way I just found it.’”

The engagement ring was found buried two inches underground.

“All the glory goes to God,” said Hudson. “I wasn’t going to wait anymore.”

When it all seemed lost, they had each other, for better or worse.

“Finally, you had a moment to smile, and it was a real smile,” said Patterson. “It was a very surreal moment. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.”

The couple stated that they found their wedding band about three feet from the engagement ring.

They shared that they will start planning the wedding after they pick up from the tornado.

Source: kxii.com

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