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Son Tricks Dad Into Getting Him A Puppy By Impersonating Mom

Labrador puppy outdoors

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This little boy specializes in the art of dog fishing.

He recently went viral because he was able to trick his dad into buying him a puppy by masquerading as his mother on WhatsApp — even going so far to as to call him “hun.”

There are photos detailing his hilarious mom-personation.

“I really wanted a dog, and I went on mom’s phone and wrote ‘hi hun’ — it’s a phrase mom uses,” admitted 9-year-old Noah Ley of hornswoggling his parents.

This occurred while Noah’s father, Kevyn Ley, 43, and mom, Janine, 40, who live in Newport, South Wales, were deciding whether or not to get a dog as a companion for their cocker spaniel named Jet. An opportunity came after the steel worker’s friend, who breeds dogs, informed him that he had an 8-month-old puppy available for adoption.

Kevyn was over the moon about the idea, but Janine seemed more hesitant about taking on another pet.

“He took me aback when he said, ‘We’ve been offered a puppy,’ ” the dental nurse exclaimed. “I was like, ‘What? Are you kidding me? We only talked about it’. He said she was ready now if we wanted her.”
The hesitant mother of three added, “I said I needed to think about it.”
"He's a monkey. It's naughty, but he's really funny," said Janine. "It's middle-child syndrome, he's cheeky but gets away with it because he's funny."
"I didn't realize until 1 pm that Noah had got hold of my phone and that we were getting a new dog," said mom Janine Ley.
"He had me. I was convinced it was Janine," said Kevyn of his son's ingenious trick.

Noah was able to pull the wool over his father's eyes.

She told the kids that their father was thinking about buying another puppy, which set the wheels turning in Noah’s mind.

“I wrote a message to Kev saying ‘Noah wants another dog,” explained Janine. “Kev then asked what the kids thought.”
Little Noah, who was used to playing games on his mom’s phone, saw his opportunity to strike after Janine went off to go clean and left the phone in the room, Kennedy News reported. “Noah grabbed it and continued the conversation,” explained Janine, who didn’t realize until several hours later “that Noah had got hold of my phone and that we were getting a new dog.”

Noah then used his mom’s smartphone to play games and even upload photos to Instagram.

Accompanying photos show the ensuing conversation, in which the parental impressionist, pretending to be his mom, wrote: “They [the kids] are screaming their heads off lol xx. All of them want one [a dog] xx.”
“Kev just get one the kids are crying,” Noah added to complete the effect.
“When I read ‘Kev just get one, the kids are crying’ it sounds exactly like something a grown-up would say, not a 9-year-old,” said Janine.
Thankfully, his Oscar-worthy text performance seemed to do the trick as his dad replied, “We will trial run it, it will be coming today.”
“Ok love xxx. What time? Xx What time hun? Xxx What time is the dog coming? Xxx,” Noah replied to his clueless papa.

The parents were impressed with Noah's plan.

“He had me. I was convinced it was Janine,” Kevyn said with a chuckle. “I got the messages and thought nothing more of it. Even the spelling was OK, apart from one word I noticed when I read back, but when you read it quickly, you don’t notice anyway.”
The flabbergasted father then quipped, “He had a lot of kisses in his messages. I thought, ‘Oh my god, she’s being nice to me for a change.’
Janine seconded her hubby’s sentiment, admitting: “I do say ‘hun’ a lot. Noah’s absolutely nailed it, the impersonation is spot on.”
“When I read, ‘Kev just get one, the kids are crying,’ it sounds exactly like something a grown-up would say, not a 9-year-old,” she added. “Noah was absolutely thrilled he got his own — and his dad’s way.”
Needless to say, the trial run was successful and the new dog, named Lulu, is now a permanent member of the family. “I was very pleased and excited when we got Lulu. I really love her, she gets on with Jet,” Noah fawned. “I feel really happy and excited that she’s staying.”
“I couldn’t believe he’d fallen for it because Noah’s done it on my phone before,” said Janine.

Luckily, his parents were ultimately happy with the way things worked out. They will now be on guard for similar phone schemes in the future.

“To make sure I’m definitely talking to Janine in the future, I’m going to have to ring her first and say ‘Is this you?’ or have a code word,” said Kevyn.

Source: New York Post

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