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Camera Catches Clever Golden Retriever Opening Door For Firefighter

Golden Retriever looking through a from the balcony.

Photo: Getty Images

A dog by the name of Koda, who is the fire safety dog, is doing good.

She is a golden retriever and a fire safety training dog with the Georgetown Texas Fire Department. Still, she helps out her coworkers in other ways.

Koda recently visited the department's administrative offices with a firefighter. During her visit, her human companion got locked out of the building. Koda immediately sprang into action to help out her human companion. She helped by opening the door for him.

This incident was captured on security cameras, and Georgetown Texas Fire Department released the footage. It shows Koda walking up to the building door and pushing on the door bar to let the firefighter back in.

"I was working late at our administration offices when I stepped outside," the firefighter in the clip told SWNS. "Our keycard access system temporarily went down, which locked me outside and Koda inside."
"When she noticed me tapping on the door, she quickly came over and opened it for me," he added.

Koda's good deed is now on Facebook.

Source: People

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