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This Year's Oscars Gift Bag Is Worth $126K

The Oscars is this Sunday, and all the nominees will not leave empty handed whether they win an award or not.

A Los Angeles based marketing company called Distinctive Assets has been distributing 6-figure lavish gifts since 2002 to Oscar nominees in the four main acting categories including best director.

The founder Lash Fury also known as the Sultan of Swag, began gifting expensive vacations, jewelry and trinkets to the Grammys in 2000 as the official gifter and later added the Oscars a few years later.

“We asked ourselves, ‘How can we be a part of this without doing something with the Academy?’ So we came up with this idea of gifting the top nominees,” says Fary. “That way, if they lost, they got this awesome consolation prize. And if they win, they get this as icing on the cake.”

Although this year's swag bag is worth $126,000, it's actually much less than the one given in 2020 for $225,000.

This year's goodie bag includes plastic surgery, a $40,000 getaway to a 10-acre Canadian estate, a three-night stay in a restored Italian lighthouse valued at $9000 and so much more.

“Obviously, [the nominees] can afford to go where they want,” says Fary. “It’s not about the fact that this is free. It's about the fact that we've found a unique place that has built-in privacy for a celebrity. I mean, it's a hillside lighthouse on an island off the coast of Italy—it’s very private.”

For more details on the Oscar gift bag, please click on the link below.

Source: Forbes

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