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Couple Who Lived Next Door To Each Other Fall In Love Years Later

Sometimes when you are not looking for love, it finds you.  

A couple who never knew they were neighbors, met on the networking app Nextdoor and fell in love.  

After 40 years and never noticing each other, Chris Place, 44, and Michelle Tooby, 42, unexpectedly crossed paths on the app where people can sell and buy from each other, plan meet-ups, and share local information with those in their neighborhood.   

Chris wanted to pick up some bargains, so he signed up for the popular local social networking service, but soon he was smitten when he spotted Michelle. 

He sent a 'wave' her way and she sent one back, and after two weeks of getting to know each other online, they went on a date and realized that they had a lot in common.  

The couple are from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, fell madly in love and are now in a relationship and spend time at each other's houses - which luckily are right next door to each other. 

Chris, a former warehouse operative, said: "We've crossed paths no end of times since we were very young. 
"It's like it just wasn't meant to happen until now. It was the last thing I expected. 
"We're planning for the future but I haven't popped the question yet. 
"It's great because if we get married our surname will be Place-Tooby - like 'place-to-be'." 
Michelle, a former bar worker, said: "Neither of us were looking for love - we'd completely given up. 
"I'm so glad we've found each other. 
"It's so different from the way I've felt about someone before. 
"It's just meant to be, and it's the right time now. It's like our relationship waited for the right moment." 

Michelle remembered Chris’ car and the pair used to go to the same park after school, and as adults went to the same pubs. 

They both have children from previous relationships that have shared schools over the years.  

Chris said: "I was looking for something out of the ordinary and that's exactly what I found. 
"There's just something about the way she looks that really captures me. She's a very kind person and you can see that in her face. 
"I mean don't get me wrong, she can be very sassy too. 
"As soon as we started chatting we got on like a house on fire: there was something extraordinarily special about it. 
"We feel so comfortable together, and it keeps getting better and better, even now." 

Source: Mirror UK

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