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Residents in Highland Park Are Getting Uber Eats Deliveries Galore

Food delivery apps have increased in popularity during the pandemic for their convenience, but this area in Los Angeles is suddenly getting more deliveries than ever.

Residents in a neighborhood of Highland Park are baffled by the amount of Uber Eats deliveries they've been getting. None of which they bought or ordered themselves.

One man claimed he got 13 deliveries in one day. His neighbors also shared similar stories.

The deliveries are coming at all times throughout the day and mostly on Range View Avenue.

Caroline Aguirre said she’s received “low-fat milk, to a Danish, to chicken McNuggets, french fries, an egg croissant.”
William Neal noted the free food was “a nice treat at first.”
“Then, when it became too much food at once, we’d try to find places to donate it or give it away,” he said.

One resident said these mysterious deliveries have been going on for two weeks now. Another said he put a "no delivery" sign in the front door, but food kept getting delivered with up to 10 per day.

“It was bag after bag after bag, sometimes three at a time, 3 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon,” he added.

The bags never match the names of the residents, and many don't even have Uber Eats accounts.

The San Francisco based company told the LA Times that it is aware of the situation and are currently investigating it.

Would you be pleased or frustrated by all of this free food?

Click on this YouTube link for a video on the strange Uber Eats story.

Source: KTLA.com

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