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A TikToker Books a Hotel Room To Wrap Gifts

A TikToker is in her third year of her annual 'wrapping weekend' party for the Christmas holidays.

The mom who goes by @McKelliganL on TikTok, books a hotel room and turns it into her own Santa’s workshop and it is very impressive.

Last year, the mom shared a video of her gift-wrapping getaway that scored a whopping 2.8 million views on social media.

In the video, the mom can be seen wearing a red Santa hat and a “Santa Baby” sweatshirt while meticulously folding, boxing and wrapping various presents for her loved ones with rolls of patterned wrapping paper and a large Starbucks coffee served in a holiday cup to keep her festive energy up.

“Booked a hotel for two nights, wrapped all gifts, order takeout, watch tons of TV, and no one asked me for anything,” she captioned the clip.

It seems like every busy mama’s dream and she gets the job done in peace without distractions.

“This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!! You’re a genius,” praised one viewer in the comments.
“I love how you’ve incorporated self-care into one of the most mundane tasks to humans,” another complimented.
“Dream weekend honestly,” admitted someone else.
“This is the most epic thing ever!!!!” wrote another person.
“I’m not a mom but I want to do this!!!” one woman exclaimed.

Meanwhile, many offered their own suggestions for how to enhance her yearly seasonal project.

“Nah send the fam to the hotel then [you] don’t have to lug that all around & you can still order take out and try between wrapping lol,” wrote one person.
“Okay but hear me out,” added another, “An Airbnb so all the moms can wrap and sip together.”

The clever gift wrapper isn’t the only person who’s interested in turning a hotel room into a makeshift workshop. Many others are thinking a bit differently and wanting to make it an all-moms event instead.

Source: NY Post

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