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Penguin Serve As Ring Bearer at Wedding

People are finding new ways to make their wedding special and unique these days by doing things differently.

An upward trend in animals of all types are showing up at weddings these days.

A couple from the U.K. are trending by bringing a new twist to their nuptials.

On February 4, 2024, TikTok user Megan (@meg_alys) shared a video of a unique wedding guest.

In the short clip, we see the funny switch one couple made to make their wedding a memorable one.

"POV your friends have a surprise ring penguin attend their wedding," the text on the screen reads.

And they weren't kidding, which we see this in the video. Guests sit down in the chairs as the ceremony comes to a close, and it's the ring bearer walking back down the aisle to leave the room.

This has traditionally been reserved for the kids who are attending the wedding or someone else special to the couple, but this time it was a penguin. There has been dogs acting as the ring bearer or birds even who fly the rings up the aisle -- but this is a new one.

"Yes, there was a penguin meet and greet post-ceremony," Megan wrote in the video's caption to confirm that the penguin did stick around after the ceremony.

People in the comments were chuckling at this really cute and unique member of their wedding party.

"We got married here!" one viewer shared. "Might get divorced so we can do it again with a penguin."
"I would have done ANYTHING to have a penguin at my wedding," admitted another.
"Bro a lil confused, but he got the spirit," someone else noticed.
"I did not know this was an option," someone else confessed.

The wedding took place at The Mill Barns Wedding Venue in Shropshire, UK, and the couple who got married also had a reindeer at their event.

They're not the first couple to have penguins as guests. In 2017, the Daily Mail shared a story of a couple who had two Humboldt penguins as guests at their wedding. For them, they borrowed the cute creatures from a friend's private zoo. 

Looks like this will probably just get more fun from here and more people will hop on board to invite even more unique creatures.

Source: Parade Pets

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