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A Woman's First Mother's Day At Home Since Emerging From 5-Year Coma

A Michigan woman was only 35 years old in 2017 when she was critically injured in a car crash.

From that day forward, every Mother's Day for Peggy Means had been just another day without her daughter, Jennifer Flewellen.

Flewellen, Means' only daughter, was in a coma and doctors told her there was virtually no chance of ever coming out of it. And yet, Means refused to let them pull the plug, a decision she said she "never" questioned. 

"I just couldn't let her go," Means told CBS News.

Until one day, in August 2022, she could.

Over time, and one by one, Means' friends stopped visiting. Even her husband moved on with his life. But Means was there almost every day to comfort and care for Flewellen. Means always talked to her, as if Flewellen could hear, which of course, she couldn't. 

It began with a laugh. Jennifer had been off life-support, but still in a coma, when her mother said something funny, and a miracle happened. Almost a year later, Flewellen came home. 

Even though she still cannot walk and finds it difficult to speak, her mind is sharp, and her heart is filled with joy.

Jennifer loves spending her days with her sons. 

This Mother's Day may be the best one ever for Peggy who never gave up on her daughter. Even though she won't be getting flowers or candy, Jennifer can now muster words that matter most, and deliver them as honestly as they have ever been spoken.

"I love my mom," Jennifer said. 

Source: CBS NEWS

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