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Woman Suprises Sister With Fake Lottery Ticket Pregnancy Reveal

A woman surprised her family with her pregnancy news that got a dramatic reaction from her sister.

The expectant woman did a unique reveal with fake scratch-off lottery tickets and her sister's priceless reaction is going viral.

Grace Goodwin shared a TikTok video of the surprise earlier his month, and the clip has racked up over 3 million views since.

"Telling my family im pregnant!! I cant get over my sisters reaction and my aunt looks like her soul left her body. They've been wanting us to have a baby for so long #scratchertickets #pregnant🤰 #pregnancyannouncement," Goodwin wrote in the accompanying caption.

Goodwin came up with the plan to give her family members the fake scratch tickets at her cousin's house in Hemet, California.

"I knew my sister Amanda would get it first so I made sure my sister Selena focused the camera on her," Goodwin told Storyful.
Amanda is captured in the video, which was recorded in March, yelling out, "I won!" Then, she informs the other family members, "It says, 'We're having a baby' … What does that even mean?"
As Amanda thinks about the ticket some more, a look of shock crosses her face before she yells out, "Are you having a baby? Are you having a baby?" before Goodwin nods and confirms the happy news.

Take a look at the heartwarming reveal by clicking on the video below.

Source: Good Morning America

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