Passenger On Delta Airline Kicked Off For Using Restroom

As reported by ABC News, Kima Hamilton of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was kicked off a Delta flight after a bathroom emergency when his flight was delayed on the tarmac. The incident occurred on April 18 when Hamilton really had to use the restroom. When he first asked if he could use the facility, he was denied; about half an hour went by and Hamilton couldn't hold it in anymore. In an emergency situation, he got up and used the restroom. 

Once Hamilton came back to his seat, he was told to get off the plane by a Delta employee. Hamilton obeyed orders but was met with the FBI afterwards. He was not arrested, however, Hamilton had to pay another ticket triple the price to get back home. 

A spokesperson for Delta says the removal of Hamilton was caused by his disobedience with instructions.

Watch the video below:


Source: YouTube

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