NFL Teams Have Crazy Rules For Cheerleaders

 Cheerleaders area a classic part of any live football experience. But some NFL cheerleaders are forced to follow a very strict set of rules. 

The Carolina Panthers cheerleaders, the "TopCats", must remove or cover any body piercings or tattoos, and can't change out of their uniform until they leave the stadium. The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders hmust keep to their "ideal weight" and have regular weigh-ins. 

 The Baltimore Ravens are fined if their boots are not polished on gameday.  Other teams forbid cheerleaders from following any players on social media or wearing sweatpants in public.  Despite the extensive rulebooks, NFL cheerleaders are usually part-time employees without benefits. 

Earlier this year, a New Orleans Saints cheerleader filed a complaint with the EEOC after she was fired for sharing an Instagram photo the team deemed innappropriate. 

Are NFL Cheerleaders being treated unfairly?  Should part-time employees be subject to strict rules outside of the workplace?  

Source: Getty Images

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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