Costco Employees Shares Their Best Hacks!

Business Insider asked Costco employees about tips to help customers get even better deals.

 The employees said to buy Kirkland products. That's the Costco signature brand. It's cheaper and usually the same as the name brand. 

They also said, "don't hesitate." If you want to buy something at Costco, get it. You'll never know if it will be there when you come back.

Some other tips included don't come on weekends, don't come on an empty stomach, learn the layout of the store and how to navigate and look for clearance items. These tips probably can be used for a lot of stores. 

Do you have a membership at a warehouse store like this? So you have any cost-cutting tips as well? 

Source: Getty Images

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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