Pink & Children Grace Cover Of People's 'Beautiful Issue'

Pink along with her children grace the cover of People magazine's "beautiful" issue." 

Before it was "Most beautiful." Editor-in-chief Jess Cagle said the change was to make sure people knew this wasn't a "beauty contest." The beautiful issue will "celebrate the most beautiful qualities of all: strength, humanity and artistry." Pink "checks all of those boxes." 

In the interview, Pink talks about raising two kids in a gender-neutral household. "I feel like gender-neutral is in itself a label and I'm label-less. I don't like labels at all, so I believe that a woman and a girl can do anything," she said.

Pink also spoke about her life and parenting style, saying, "I believe in needs being met and faith being implemented, and I believe in letting your kids know they can count on you, and that you'll be there. I always tell Willow, 'I'm going to teach you the rules so that you'll know how and when to break them.'"

What entertainer do you think is "beautiful?"

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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